Thursday, September 3, 2009

My fun landscape quilts

Clay's Village Greeting

One of the parts of quilting that I really enjoy is making small artsy landscape quilted wallhangings.

The first one I ever made was done at the request of one of my grandsons. Now a tall handsome young man of 16, but once a little kid who loved seeing his name on things!
He asked me to make him a picture quilt which included so many things I had to write them down to keep track of them all. First and foremost was an airplane in the sky pulling a banner that said "Happy Birthday Clay"!

So that was where I started--with a piece of beautiful blue fabric with fluffy white clouds, an airplane and a banner. All of this took me a couple days to accomplish, by the time I fussy cut the airplane, and embroidered out the words to make the banner!

The fabric that I have used for most of my little quilts is made by Cranston Mills and I bought it at Wal-Mart. Now that Wal-Mart is enlarging their stores, but diminishing their craft departments most of the stores are no longer carrying this fabric and it is becoming much more difficult to find "picture" fabric.

But for me, for the last few years it has worked fine. I have saved even little pieces of the scraps hoping to find a use for them in other small quilts.

Then we had to have a village with buildings and people and animals and water--somewhere!, and trees and flowers. He was 10 and his imagination was endless and exciting, filled with energy!

After doing all of this, his next instructions were to put a village on the bottom of the
picture. So I did! and here is the finished product! which he still has hanging on his bedroom wall after 10 years!

The next blog will be about the companion piece that almost matches this one!


  1. What a wonderful story! A great project that your grandchild will always have to remember your time together.
    judee in CA

  2. What a great way to so a landscape quilt! Very pretty!