Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy for Fabric, or just plain crazy!

I started this blog a couple months ago after joining Stashbusters. And while I really like the idea of cutting of scraps it can work against you sometimes.
For some time now all this fabric has been driving me crazy! I started out in January with an LLBean BIG bag of scraps, and cut and cut and cut some more and finally ended up with a huge pile of squares in every size from 2 - 5" and was so proud of myself because I threw out only a small bag of scrap pieces. The advantage of that is I can cut while doing other things, like watching TV!
Then today I started in on my drawers in my work know those Sterilite plastic stacking drawers....I have two that are 3 deep 24" across and 3 that are 3 deep about 14" wide and 3 self covered bins about the same size. I haven't even touched anything except the LLBean bag and the top drawer and I am drowning in fabric!

One of the 3 deep 24" drawer units is sitting under a card table where I am stacking my pieces by color. I haven't even reached the corner where I have had a string quilt on a John Flynn frame for about 4 months! I don't just have UFO's I have" Never even starteds!" lots of good ideas but no time or energy to do everything! I think it is time to go for a walk!
Later that day...

Well I have reached the corner, cleaned it all out, didn't touch the shelves in the closet yet but they have nothing to do with fabric or quilting...although I did find a large box of old pictures I had forgotten about. And a large pile of Christmas cards, brand new...maybe I should address them now, do for the next 2 years and I won't have to worry about them.

Decided I should do the top shelves of the closet and found still more pictures and another box of fabric pieces! I must have been mad keeping all this stuff! Threw most of it out including a Mickey Mouse Doll I had started for my youngest daughter about 30 years ago with the polyester fabric for a polka dot shirt still pinned to the pattern. Saved the pattern pieces as it was an original Disney pattern..who knows maybe someday it might be worth something, but I doubt it!

Now I can move on to the 5 drawers in this old dresser here and one more plastic bin under the desk. soon!

Now the final question is: am I going to live until 125 which is what I figure it will take to finish all this! And in the meantime, I know and you know, those scraps are worse than rabbits! They have the nerve to multiply while we are in the same room!


  1. You made me smile. :-))))
    I feel like you.

  2. Birth Control. Maybe even permanent sterilization! You turn out the light and you KNOW what those scraps do!