Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great uses for ordinary things!

It is amazing how quilters have turned ordinary everyday items into great quilting and sewing aids. Here is one of my favorites which until today I have never shared with anyone.

Thanks to Ami Simms at Through the Eyes of a Quilter for reminding me of this:

Get some small magnets and put one in your pin box. I found mine when we threw out our old refrigerator. Behind the door gasket is a long magnetic strip (which closes the door for us!) . It can be cut in sections and used wherever you keep pins. They are very strong magnets and since you cut them up in little pieces you can use them in many places.

Her blog can be found at Http://amisimms.wordpress.com. The product she refers to in her most recent blog is called Needle Nanny and is available at http://www.checkerdist.com

Another item I love is my magnetic bowl and long extension magnet pickup device. Both of which I found at the auto parts store! Although the magnet pickup "pen" which is looks like! has a warning about "using it without protective eyewear" I have found it quite useful! It means I don't have to crawl around under my machine to pick up pins anymore.

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