Sunday, March 29, 2009

For success in life: learn something new everyday

And boy was this a new event for me! Saturday afternoon we all went to a rugby game!
None of the family had ever seen a game of rugby. When my 14-year-old quiet grandson announced he was going to be on a rugby team we all had looks of shock on our faces. This boy who really didn't like football, but did play basketball was taking on this new sport?
Although he didn't get to participate in this game, along with the other "newbies" he will soon we are assured. No wonder he likes to play. This game looks like pure fun for all the boys!
I had researched the rules via the Internet before we left, decided against printing out 15 long pages of instructions that I came upon, so went knowing nothing about this new (to us) game. The older boys (juniors and seniors) were so nice to us. They explained all the rules, the scoring and kept us informed as to what was happening on the field. And it soon became obvious that these boys were having a great time. With one exception which was a little scary when one boy was knocked down and didn't move for a few minutes....getting the wind knocked out of you can do that! was an exciting hour.

And now we all know much more about the game and will be going often to watch!

What does this have to do with a quilting blog? Absolutely nothing, but we all learned something! and it was fun! for everybody! well maybe not the boys who didn't play, but their time will come I am sure! as it does for everyone learning something new, which I will do next time.

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