Monday, March 23, 2009

MY first day of blogging

OK here we go! As I say on the header, this is all a mystery to me, but I am sure it will be figured out by somebody, then they will tell me and I can learn a lot!

I thought I would start out by telling you about myself. I live in Berea, Ohio. A college town, Baldwin-Wallace College is here right in the middle of town. It is fairly quiet around here, a lot of dogs, and some kids. Not as many as we used to have about 20 years ago, but enough that on warm spring evenings they are out playing kickball or most recently hide-n-seek! Which really surprised me! Some of the kids are so small you cant see them anywhere such as behind the big trees, but then they tell me that climbed over a 7" high fence to go between the yards! They are all so nice! When we walk our dogs every night they take a break to come over and chat and pet the dogs. We have a German Shepherd and an American Eskimo dog which we adore.

We have raised 6 kids in this house. Our"starter" house which we bought 50 years ago this year. Originally had 3 bedrooms, then we added on to become 4, and then made our living room bigger, so now we are back to 3! And with just 2 people living here, we are running out of space. But, then as quilters you all know why!

Where does this all come from? It seems I only buy as necessary but now people are giving me fabric and I have to give it away again!

I will start sharing my quilts with the readers soon. I am going to tell you some of the ways I make my "pretties" and some of the tricks I use. I don't win any prizes and they aren't all wonderful but I love them just the same, because they are my ideas!

So for now all I can do is hope that you will like them and come back, visit and comment, ask questions and enjoy!


  1. I love the photo of you! Hurray, I get to put a face with a name :) You are doing great!!!

  2. Nice blog. It will grow before you know it.
    Barbara in Annapolis

  3. I also have a German Shepard, 2 Puggles, in one of the very small homes in Berea. My family room is now my Quilt Studio. My problem is that I never have enough fabric, because I make donation quilts. We have a lot of the same interests of concern, such as the animal shelter.
    I am looking forward to meeting you one day.
    I am so glad I found your blog. You are one lively woman, which is probably why you look so young.
    Berea, Ohio