Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A somber day!

Not a whole lot happening today! It has been a very gray dreary day. And so far my trip to look for a quilt backing fabric has found nothing of interest. I started off for Joann Fabric store carrying my trusty coupons. Nothing I wanted there and everything was on sale anyway. I find the fabric is so thin and cheap that it doesnt warrant using in my quilted treasures. So I will go back to the quilt shop for this important piece.

But I did buy a package of Bamboo Batting. I have never used this before but the label says it is non-allergenic and easy to use. It is my effort of "going green" for the week. Bamboo is an annually renewable resource and is about the same price as Warm N Natural batting. It is also naturally anti-bacterial which means it doesnt have to be sprayed for insect control or have any chemicals used on it which might be injurious to our bodies. Since I am using it in a quilt with squares and just doing stitch-in-the-ditch it should work out fine. I will let you know when I am finished how it works out!

I did find two pieces of fabric on sale at Wal-Mart which coordinates well with the two community quilts I am in process of doing, but forgot about the third one completely. See what happens when you make a list! I have 3 more quilts ready to go for our guild project, just needed a backing and now I have two of those.

Time to get started on my newsletter for the guild. Next month we are having an old-fashioned tea party at a local church. Good time to get dressed up and pretend we are royalty! Tea and biscuits! And a talk about doing square-in-a-square quilting and a trunk show. Should I try and find my white gloves? I think not, but will wear my fancy frillies that only come out once a year!

Back to work!

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