Saturday, April 11, 2009

There has been a request from Marguerite McManus for readers of the blog to post pictures of their sewing here is mine. My room is about 8 x 8 at the most! but does have two windows for lots of light and I overlook the backyard, which at this time of year is not too special. In a couple weeks when the apple tree is in bloom, and the tiger lilies start up it will be nicer.
You will notice that I use a laptop but the keyboard is covered. I simply cannot type on those little keyboards so I have a regular keyboard on the shelf below and I use a regular mouse! a little new, and a little bit old! And I do have more fabric, mostly scraps, in the bins underneath the table and in the corners. Not a lot, but enough! But as of today I am out of batting, so off I must go to get some! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! Great Video tour! Edwina you always amaze me! I do the exact same thing with my laptop - full size keyboard and mouse. Nice room with TWO windows - very nice. Not enough fabric though, hehehehe! You are too cool :)

  2. Very nice use of a small space.

    Pat L in NY