Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wow! What a crazy week I have had! I belong to a group called the Strongsville Glitz. It is a group sponsored by the Strongsville, Ohio Senior Center and every town should have a group like this.

It is a group of people over 55 who like to sing and perform and this week was the annual show to raise money for the Center projects.

We had a wonderful group. Although I just joined about 3 months ago, they made me feel like family. The director is a retired high school choral music director; the band is led by a retired high school band director. Both men are so full of energy and enthusiasm that it is contagious.

We did a show based on music through the ages and it simply was fantastic. We did three shows, Friday and Saturday night and one this afternoon Sunday. A lot of the people were from Senior Centers around the area but a lot of them were young people who came to see their parents and grandparents having so much fun!

We dressed in 50's clothes, blue jeans, our Dad's white shirts, saddle shoes, bobby sox, letter sweaters, poodles skirts...whatever we had or could come up with! We dressed in 70's clothes...tie-dyed shirts, flowers in our hair, sandles, leather get the picture! Our director does a great Fonzie imitation and the audience was so appreciative. Everybody went out smiling and thanking us for a wonderful performance!

And we thanked them for taking time to see us have fun! I wish I could do it all over again tomorrow! Not go back in time.... just sing and enjoy everything so much!

This is something I will truly remember forever! and be anxious for practice to start again next Spring!

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