Thursday, April 2, 2009

What do you mean the dress is too big?

I went shopping one day to the most glorious fabric shop in Bettsville, Ohio called The Door Mouse...they have probably 5000 bolts of fabric in every color imaginable. I called it overkill for the eyes. I spied a lovely turquoise print and a beautiful purple print and a couple others that matched it completely.

I had a pattern that I had bought at Walmart a couple years before that. I had seen this gorgeous dress made in burned-velvet...remember when that was popular? just before the holidays. Well I couldn't find the velvet after the Christmas season and after all, I had the pattern, we were going on a Caribbean cruise in a couple months, so I bought all the fabric to make the dress. It was gorgeous! I was sure it would fit so never bothere
d to try it on. I had made it smaller because I had been losing weight. The night I wanted to wear it to dinner on the cruise...I put it on and it literally fell off my shoulders. Apparently I had forgotten to take in that part of the pattern. So I told my husband the dress was way too big and I couldn't wear it! Thus his comment...".What do you mean the dress is too big?"

I painstakingly took the entire dress apart, ironed the pieces all flat and made a quilt out of it. The pattern was a mystery one for our quilt guild. And I adore it!

I added a narrow strip of bright yellow on two ends, and a flanged narrow
strip on the other two, and took liberties with the final border, incorporating extra pieces into it and it is absolutely fantastic.

Our guild has an annual summer picnic outdoors in the pavilion in our lovely town park here. We string clothesline and hang our projects for everyone to see. With the sun shining on them they are beautiful. This one looked fantastic! as did all the others. I like to call the display "Flowers in the Air"

Gee do you get the idea I like my quilt?


  1. Of course you love your quilt - it's beautiful. I love the colors and the way the pieces extend into the border. I never would have thought to use that itty bit of yellow but it's perfect. Thank goodness the dress was too big!

  2. I'm giving you a big WELOME to blogland! You'll LOVE it.

    Never in my entire life did I ever wear something that was too big! ??? huh??? Well, the quilt turned out beautiful.

  3. Welcome to the blogspot. I think you did a great job I like the idea of making your dress into a quilt very clever and very nice colors, also. Sandee

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! And you are doing very well with your blogging -- I have enjoyed reading everything. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. Take care -- Dianne B. in England